Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15 not only about taxes

April 15 is Tax Day in the US. It's not prudent to evade taxes, but we can evade tax talk. Other interesting April 15 happenings:

1878: Birth of Robert Walser, author of Jakob von Gunten, The Tanners, and the Berlin Stories. Also known for his drafting process, which involved handwriting so tiny that some of his manuscripts have been released under the title The Microscripts.

1942: Death of blog favorite Robert Musil, author of The Man Without Qualities, a novel as thick and sprawling as the tax code. (He also married on April 15 -- in 1911.)

1947: Major League debut of Jackie Robinson, one of the most-written-about baseball players of all time.

Jackie Robinson Stealing Home, May 18, 1952 Art Poster Print, 20x16

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