Friday, September 9, 2011

Does Anyone Read Fiction Online?

I know lots of writers post samples of their work online. I've always wondered if anyone actually reads any of this. Fiction seems ill-suited for a computer screen, and I've met few people who want their (non-erotic) fiction in blog form.

I've heard stray anecdotes of an occasional writer finding success after blogging a novel (John Scalzi, I believe (?), though he built his platform through other means), but nothing to convince me this is much more than a happy coincidence, or an odd outlier.

There's nothing wrong with writing for ourselves, especially as a way to improve. I'm skeptical about online samples as a method for "finding an audience," though I'd love to hear from anyone who has done so successfully (or even unsuccessfully). I don't have much interest in posting novel samples on the blog, so you don't have to worry about me stealing ideas. (And my readers are all morally upstanding, so no worries there!)


I will, however, post a flash fiction exercise that I just completed for the First Campaigner Challenge. It's below the fold and if you don't read it... well that's pretty much what I expect because I don't think that people read much fiction online.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is Writing Less More Difficult?

Margo Lerwill recently had a great post "Changing Up Our Writing Process." A few excerpts, though the whole post is worth reading:
Today I want to talk about how easily we writers fall into routines in our writing process, even when a part of that routine doesn’t really work for us.
My suggestion would be to look at each element of your process—how you choose among projects, how you develop your characters and plot, the many steps that go into the way you draft and revise a project—and ask yourself if there are aspects that don’t work as well as you’d like.
I'm a big fan of self-experimentation and analysis. Maybe it's just another form of procrastination, but it's surely more productive than readjusting the starting lineup of my fading fantasy baseball team (though sadly fantasy sports is currently more lucrative than blogging). So here we go...

I recently changed from posting every day to posting 2-3 times a week. I was hoping this would extend the conversations in the comments sections, since old posts tend to die once a new one comes up.

But writing/blogging less actually seems more difficult. The writing seems optional, rather than part of a daily routine. And optional items tend to get pushed back, or to the side, or simply procrastinated away.

This is not the first time I've arrived, somewhat reluctantly, at this realization. With exercise, I've found that exercising everyday is easier than exercising, say, three times a week. Routines also make walking the dogs easier. Responding to emails. Routines take away the choice, which allows more room for action. I haven't gone so far with reading, but sometimes I wonder if I should.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sevens, Luck and Falling Backwards

We've passed Labor Day, so we can officially start thinking about Fall. In Georgia, cool weather arrived just in time. I was also tagged by Nancy Thompson for the 7x7 Link Award, which provides a convenient excuse to fall back on some old posts (and to thus further introduce myself to fellow campaigners).

First, some reasons why seven is a great number.

1. July is the seventh month. It is also my birthday month.
2. Touchdowns.
3. There were seven seasons of Buffy.
4. The Seventh Seal, The Seven Samurai, Se7en, and Seven Against Thebes
5. Seven dwarfs.
6. Seven days of the week.
7. It will probably take you seven hours to read all the factoids about seven on Wikipedia. I'd estimate that about seventy-seven percent of them are actually somewhat true.

Now onto the blog award answers... They are supposed to highlight memorable old posts.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wounded Ducks, Andrew Luck, Blog Crusades and Stuff I've Been Reading

College football season is now underway, which is another exciting distraction. But it was a particularly bad day for the Oregon Ducks and the Georgia Bulldogs... also the last two states I've lived in. Clearly I come bearing curses. Consider yourselves warned.


I noted earlier this week that I'd fallen out of my routines, so I picked up the following books from the library to help me get back into it.

The List

1. At Swim-Two-Birds - Flann O'Brien.
2. King of Ithaka - Tracey Barrett
3. The Power of Positive Dog Training - Pat Miller

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