Monday, February 20, 2012

All the Pretentious Dachshunds

Alexander Nazaryan makes the case that "no dog has been more widely loved by writers and artists than the dachshund."
The list of famous authors who owned a dachshund is - pun gleefully intended - long: Vladimir Nabokov, Anton Chekhov, P.G. Wodehouse, E.B. White. And if we consider the painter and the novelist to be of the same breed, then we can add to the list Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, both of whom were doxy owners.
The article also lists Susan Orlean and Gary Shteyngart, showing that the trend is alive and well.

As someone who spends considerable time thinking about things like blog mascots, I was unsurprisingly immediately drawn to the article, though unsatisfied with making the dachshund the unofficial dog of literature. Is this another case of literature being wiener-centric? (Pun intended, but not gleefully) Nothing against dachshunds, but I suppose I have a little something against dachshunds. Mainly, there are just other dogs that seem better suited for, well, just about everything...

So I'm putting out a call for alternatives: famous dogs of literature? Is the dachshund really the best writers can do? Or is this article onto something, and did I just insult half my readers? (Put down the sticks, some of my best friends have had dachshunds...And I treated them kindly even though they frequently passed gas in my direction, as well as seemingly every other direction.)
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