Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrations and IWSG

The dogs celebrating an escape from the heat.

For my IWSG entry this month, I offer an aphorism, inspired by the holiday.

All great writing is a celebration.


Kitten update: I have not seen them today. (And thanks to everyone who offered advice, support or just an ear.)


How will you be celebrating?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat Lovers, Can You Help?

Those who read this blog know I'm mostly a dog person. Well, when I got up this morning to let the dogs out, I noticed three kittens on the back porch. They ran away when they saw me and I haven't seen them since (or before). I assume this means they're living under the porch/house.

I know very little about cats, so am in search of people with more expertise.


-- I borrowed a trap from the vet, but they've had over 20 kittens dumped on them recently, so cannot take them if I do catch them.

-- It's been well over 100 degrees in Georgia, and they survived that, so they must be able to find some cool place.

-- All shelters are packed and overflowing. The same is true for all rescues around here.

-- There is always water on the porch for the dogs. This might be why they were on the porch this morning. I've also put out other water bowls. Is there anything else I should do?

-- I have no idea whether my dogs are aggressive toward cats, though I had noticed them sniffing around the porch with interest in recent days. Since I heard nothing, I assumed it was probably rabbits.

I'm pretty much a complete novice when it comes to cats, so any basics you want to tell me would be beneficial. I'd really love it if anyone has experience with something like this before. You can also email me at hektorkarl at gmail dot com or send me a note on Twitter (@hektorkarl) if you prefer.

If I see them again, I will try to get a picture. 

Thanks! And Happy Holidays to all. :)
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