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Carrying on the torch in Athens... Georgia.

I blog about stories, myth and creativity.

From the ancient myths to the myth-drenched present to the speculative future.

From Homer to Haldeman. Virgil to Valente. Milton to Morrison. Roth to rock.
From Shakespeare to cold beer. Myth to magic. Jeanne D'arc to digitial ARCs.
From Akhmatova to Zelazy. Pessoa to Tarkovsky. Springsteen to ruling queens.
hektor karl (at gmail.com)
twitter: @hektorkarl

A brief bio: 

I was born in Jersey. I don't plan to die there. I'm older than Hendrix when he died. But still younger than Mozart. (I keep high company -- that's the joy of art.) Graduated from Stanford. I wasn't a lit student, but I sometimes woke up early on Saturdays to plunder library used book sales.

I used to watch a lot of sports. I used to play a lot of guitar. Not so much anymore. Now I read and write and few consider this progress. But perhaps you do, my blogging friends.

I live in Georgia. It's as hot as you've heard. I made my dog the blog mascot. She even has her own tab. I hope to start a blog mascoting trend, but it's been slow to catch on so far.

*I recently added Google Friend Connect. I'd love for you to follow the blog if you like what you see.

A few basics:
  • I appreciate all comments and emails, and try to respond. Feel free to disagree. I have a lot to learn. Also feel free to agree. I've spent a lot of time learning.
  • I like it when people comment on old posts. Consider none of these conversations dead.
A few disclaimers:
  • I don't post many standard reviews, but I do accept review copies (my preferred format is mobi; I can also convert DRM-free epub files). Some of the books I mention I received for free, though receiving a free book doesn't guarantee a mention.
  • This site is an Amazon Affiliate, which means I receive a small commission if you buy anything through the Amazon links. Thanks! :)
  • I'm not a medical doctor or lawyer. Sorry if my fine citations or pointed insights suggested otherwise. Follow my advice at your own risk.
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